ProCell Green is a contractor grade Type 1 cellulose loose fill insulation that can be easily applied in walls and attics, floors and ceilings

R-12 – R60 Superior Thermal, Acoustical & Fire Performance

Type 1 Loose-Fill thermal insulation CCMC Product Evaluation #08251-L
Masterformat #07212 Approved as Dense-pack wall application EnviroShield CCMC Product Evaluation #12420-R

Available in 25 lbs bag

  • Made with 100% post-consumer recycled newsprint
  • Product composition is 87% recycled paper fibres treated with non-toxic fire retardant additives
  • R-value of 3.8 per inch
  • 1.40 lbs per square foot at R-40
  • Design thermal resistance of 26.3 m2-kw-1 at a design density of 25.6 kg/m3
  • Meets and exceeds standards as set in CAN/ULC S-703-09
  • Superior thermal, acoustical and fire resistant properties
  • Safe and Non-toxic
  • Easy to apply, versatile
  • Does not itch or irritate skin
  • Does not promote mold, mildew or fungi growth
  • Repels insects and rodents
  • Seamless coverage
  • Affordable, pricing is similar to batts or loose fill fiberglass
  • Save 20 to 30% on utility bills

ProCell Green Brochure

ProCell Green Brochure

ProCell Green CCMC Report

ProCell Green Coverage Chart

These charts represent average machine applied coverages which may be affected according to equipment and applicators’ techniques. From R-40 or RSI-7.0, it may be necessary to bring a correction according to the application technique. ProCell Green: R-VALUE 3.8/in (RSI 0.0263/mm) DESIGN DENSITY 1.6 lbs/ft3 (25.6 kg/m3) ProCell Green Coverage Chart

ProCell Green Data Sheet

ProCell Green Installation Manual