Doing It Yourself or Contracting Out?

Cellulose insulation can be applied in a number of different applications and is very versatile and easy to apply.  However, wall and spray applied installation should be contracted out to a professional installer because it can be more complex and requires specialized equipment.  Please send us an email at, if you would like us to recommend a certified contractor/installer in your area.


Installing insulation or additional insulation in your attic can be a diy job. It’s simple and very cost effective. Insulating a 1000 sq ft attic can be completed in less than 2 hours and can save you money on your installation costs as well as your utility bills. Drop by a local retailer and ask about our ThermoShield cellulose insulation product and rental of an insulation blowing machine. Most stores carry the Krendl 425 blue insulation machine, you will need a truck or trailer to bring home the product and equipment. Use our cellulose insulation calculator to determine the number of bags required and your desired R-value. Cost per 25 lbs bag is very affordable and varies depending on your geographical area and is very comparable to the pricing of loose-fill fiberglass. Check the coverage chart on the product bag or on our website calculator, it will tell you how many bags required and how many square feet it will cover.

(Cellulose is denser than loose –fill fiberglass, therefore less cellulose is required to obtain same R-value)




The retail sales associate will provide you with the necessary training required to operate the insulation blowing machine.  An operation manual is also available on the machine manufacturers’ website.  You will need two people to complete the job, one will load the machine and the other will be in the attic to blow.  Please ensure proper ventilation of attic space and that all security precautions are taken before commencing.