Product Execution of LEED Goals

(14 points possible)

Thermo-Cell’s Weathershield / ProCell cellulose insulation meet all the requirements set forth in the LEED program to achieve an energy efficient and sustainable building.

Energy & Atmosphere

  • Prerequisite 2 – Minimum Energy Performance – Required

Thermo-Cell’s attic and wall insulation reduces the air infiltration of buildings, allowing equipment to be downsized. A reduction in air infiltration directly relates to reduced dependence on fossil fuels, which reduces air pollution. Buildings using this insulation easily meet and exceed the ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1–‐1999 standards.

  • Credit 1 – Optimize Energy Performance
    1-10 Points
  • Computer simulations since 1987 by the cellulose industry have demonstrated significant reductions in energy costs.

    Materials & Resources

    • Credit 4.1 – Recycled Content – Specify 5% (postconsumer + 1/2 postindustrial)
      1 Point
    • Credit 4.2 – Recycled Content – Specify 10% (postconsumer +1/2 postindustrial)
      1 Point
    • Credit 5.1 – Local Regional Materials – 20% Manufactured Locally
      1 Point
    • Credit 5.2 – Local Regional Materials – 20% MRc5.1, 50% Harvested Locally
      1 Point

    Thermo-Cell Industries Limited manufactures attic and wall insulation in Vars, ON and Debert, NS. Projects within 800 km of either of these locations qualify.

    In addition, our cellulose insulation has the lowest embodied energy and highest recycled content of all commonly used insulating materials. Combined with its superior thermal performance, sound attenuation, and fire resistance properties, cellulose is the insulation of choice when value, performance, and environmental responsibility are considerations.

    For further information, please contact, Mike McCannell P.Eng PMP at