Available as Type 1 (loose-fill) or Type 2 (Stabilized or Damp-Spray), our cellulose insulation products offer superior thermal, acoustical and fire properties. ThermoShield/ProCellTM are manufactured according to CAN/ULC S-703-09 and are approved by Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC).

ThermoshieldTM CCMC# 08251-L Masterformat #07212 thermoshield-thumb
ProCellTM Green CCMC# 08251-L Masterformat #07212 1-6-copy1-300x225
EnviroShield (Dense Pack)
Wall System
CCMC# 12420-R Masterformat #07212
ProCellTM Gold
CCMC# 13136-L Masterformat #07215 1-1-300x225
ProCellTM Blue
CCMC# 13136-L Masterformat #07215 1-300x225


Cellulose insulation is not just for attics, it can be installed in walls, floors, basements, cathedral ceilingsā€¦ virtually anywhere. Because of its unique ability to fill gaps and voids, cellulose is an excellent thermal and acoustical performer. Find out more on the thermal, acoustical and fire resistance properties of our products.