Acoustical Properties

Sound Control

Acoustical Properties: ThermoShield / ProCell TM, compared to other insulation products, has superior properties for improving noise suppression in walls, floors or ceiling construction. There are four performance factors to consider; mass, damping, absorption and sealing.

    • Mass (Density): Increased mass per unit thickness of ThermoShield / ProCell TM compared to other fibrous or foam insulation adds to the overall effectiveness of a wall, floor or ceiling assembly in improving STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) value.
    • Damping: Unlike fibrous batts or foam boards, ThermoShield / ProCell TM incorporates itself as an integral part of a wall, roof or ceiling assembly. The natural ability of ThermoShield / ProCell TM to fill crevices and gaps produces a significant improvement in the sound damping characteristics of the assembly.
    • Absorption: ThermoShield / ProCell TM, because of the unique porosity of its interwoven fibers, will exhibit a NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) of 0.75 at 25 mm (1 inch) thickness. Increased attenuation in both low and high frequency ranges is achieved due to absorption within an enclosed wall or ceiling cavity.
    • Sealing: Field reliability of ThermoShield / ProCell TM’s noise reduction capabilities is realized through its natural ability to fill crevices and voids normally occurring in wall, floor, ceiling or attic construction. ThermoShield / ProCell TM will completely seal around complex shapes such as pipes, conduit and electrical boxes thereby ensuring its ability to minimize sound transmission through such interruptions.

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