Agricultural Applications

ThermoShield/ProCell™ cellulose insulation is made from 100% recycled newsprint paper fibers that is treated with a carefully controlled blend of non toxic chemicals that discourage mice, insects and other vermin from nesting in walls and cavities while protecting the structural integrity of the building from moisture condensation. ThermoShield/ProCell™ insulation has the ability to provide long term protection against wood decay, insects, mice and other vermin. Unlike other fibrous insulations, our insulation keeps mice and insects from nesting in attics and wall cavities.



ThermoShield/ProCell™ insulation has the ability to prevent moisture condensation from occurring on walls in livestock or storage buildings. The unique natural features of ThermoShield/ProCell™ insulation make it the best insulation for insulating agriculture buildings that are used for storage of fruits and vegetables. The benefits of a storage building insulated with ThermoShield/ProCell™ include a constant R value over the different climatic conditions. Increased savings can result because of the lower cooling and heating costs.  The enhanced fire resistance of cellulose insulation is also an attractive feature to farm building owners, protecting their valuable investment and livestock.  Cellulose has many key benefits, making it the right choice naturally for insulating agricultural buildings. Contact us today.