Insulation Life Cycle

Cellulose insulation is a product for which the entire life cycle has been assessed – this process measures the environmental impacts of a product from its creation up to its elimination, often referred to as Cradle to Grave.

By using ThermoShield / ProCell insulation you are making the right choice, one that is environmentally friendly. Not only will you be saving money on utility bills but your decision will reduce your impact on the environment.

Acquisition of Resources

Made of at least 87% recycled post-consumer newsprint.The use of recycled newspaper reduces the consumption of virgin resources and promotes the use of post-consumption waste.



EcoLogo certified (CCD-016) which ensures verification by a third party of the main environmental attributes. The manufacturing process is very efficient from an energy standpoint.

Packaging and Transportation

85% of raw materials sourced locally within 800 km.Two manufacturing facilities geographically located to reduce emissions and
transportation costs.



Superior thermal and acoustical product properties. At R 3.8 per inch, our insulation provides a strong air exfiltration barrier.

End of Life

The insulation when installed as per manufacturer’s guidelines, is guaranteed for the normal lifetime of the building. Product is recyclable and no waste diverted to landfills.

When considering the entire life cycle, our cellulose insulation products represent a better environmental choice when compared to equivalent insulation products.

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