Builder-Rodents, Pests & Fungi Resistance

Rodent, Insects, Pests & Fungi Resistance

A lesser known feature of our product, is its ability to provide long term protection against wood decay, fungal growth, insects, mice and other unwanted vermins.Weathershield / ProCellTM insulation is treated with a carefully controlled blend of borate powders so that the performance requirements of applicable standards are ensured. Not only do they enhance the fire resistance of our product, they also function to the prevention of the formation of mold, mildew and wood rot. This unique characteristic of borates is becoming increasingly valuable as the trend toward tighter house construction increases the potential for moisture accumulation within the building envelope.
The construction of tighter houses has often resulted in a higher interior humidity and air pressure differential. These two factors have combined to increase the accumulation of condensation moisture in framing and sheathing components. These developments have created serious concerns about structural failure from wood decay.

The specially-treated borate fibers of our insulation have the ability to prevent the formation of destructive fungal spores. Furthermore, the fungicidal character of the borate compound also has the advantage of being offensive to insects and vermins.

Hog Barn missing insulation showing tunnels made by mice.

Mice Hate It – unlike other fibrous insulations, mice will avoid nesting in cellulose insulation. An experiment conducted in a laboratory showed that 9 out of 10 mice preferred untreated cellulose fibers as opposed to the borate formulated product. It is not uncommon to hear that rodents have set up home in walls and have made away with the glass fiber insulation.

Weathershield / ProCellTM insulation can help to prevent and deter mice and unwanted rodents from setting up residence in your home.