Builders Energy Savings

Maximize energy savings by upgrading your client’s home attic insulation with ProCell tm Green Insulation.  Whether it’s a new construction or a renovation, by insulating a home with cellulose insulation they will notice immediate reductions on their utility bills by as much as 20 to 30%.

By keeping the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, cellulose acts as thermal blanket providing a comfortable living environment.  In the summer, they will save on your air conditioning and in the winter they can expect to save on their heating bills, simply by sealing any air leaks and adding a thermal performing product, such as cellulose.



In a study conducted by University of Colorado School of Architecture, testing was performed under real world conditions on two building structures, one with cellulose insulation and the other with fiberglass insulation.  Noticeable differences were observed immediately, and in as little as 16 days, the experiment showed that the cellulose insulated structure used 26.4% less energy.  Tests also concluded that in overall thermal performance testing, the cellulose building was 38% tighter and more effective than the fiberglass insulated one.

By lowering the energy consumption and usage, they are also contributing to lowering global CO2 emissions, thus reducing their carbon footprint.  Visit CIMA’s Greenest of the Green Campaign to find out more information.

Our ProCelltm insulation products are designed to improve the thermal value and performance of a home by reducing its energy consumption by tightening up the building envelope. Cellulose insulation is also economically priced when compared to other insulating materials.  Therefore saving money on product costs, installation and utility bills.