Although esthetically appealing, cathedral ceilings can be an additional source of heat loss over insulated attic floor spaces due to the inability of being able to insulate roof cavities to the same thickness. This is a result of insulation levels being restricted by the framing (e.g. rafter) depth and the need to maintain a minimum ventilated space between the insulation and the roof sheathing.

Thermoshield / ProCell offers a solution by virtue of the fact that the material has a high R-Value, forms a seamless blanket free of installation defects (common in batt products) and is installed at a higher density thus sealing the cavity and preventing air infiltration and air leakage.

Additional benefits of using our insulation comes in the form of moisture control in areas where vapor barrier defects or discontinuities occur. By restricting air movement through the cavity and the ability of the material to slowly absorb and release moisture to the outside environment, condensation/moisture problems are avoided.



For cathedral ceiling applications Thermoshield / ProCell is injected into the cavity under pressure in order to compress the material beyond its natural settlement point. Its ability to form a tight seal on and around irregular surfaces, framing members and fixtures make the product ideally suited in cathedral ceilings which employ advanced structural members such as wood ā€œIā€ framing members or open web trusses.